Mesa Tactical SureShell 8 Shell Carrier and Rail for Benelli M2

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SKU: MESA91230
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While the Benelli M2 Tactical semiautomatic and Benelli SuperNova? pump-action shotgun feature factory tapped rail mounting holes in the top of the receiver, the Benelli M4 and M1014 are shipped with a top Picatinny sight rail. These provided us with an opportunity to develop SureShell shotshell carrier mounting solutions for Benelli shotguns that are streamlined and very robust. Receiver mount SureShell shotshell carriers for the Benelli M2, M4 and M1014 feature mounting brackets with integral top Picatinny sight rails. These brackets are secured to the weapon using the top mounting screw holes. The SureShell shotshell carriers are thus slung on the left side of the receiver, securely fastened at the top. No other shell carrier mounting method is as secure or looks as good. SureShell shotshell carriers for the Benelli M2 Tactical can be installed on Benelli M1 shotguns with round-top receivers by tapping the top of the shotgun receiver with No. 8-40 threads. Consult a gunsmith. Extra weight on the weapon may adversely affect the reliable cycling of inertia-operated shotguns such as the Benelli M1 or M2 when used with low-recoil ammunition. The Benelli M4 is gas-operated and has no such sensitivity.